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SAISA is a member organisation of Ice Skating Australia and is the recognised State sporting organisation
for the sport of ice skating in South Australia


SAISA members train at IceArenA, home of the Ice Factor program



SAISA affiated clubs are: Silver Blades FSC, Noarlunga FSC, SA Synchronised ISC

Watch international Ice Skating on the ISU Skating Channel 

SAISA Diary Dates 2021 in brief
(N.B. also check 'Alerts" below, and Calendar Page)

  • Test Sessions: Jan 14, Feb 11, Mar 11, Apr 8, May 6, Jun 3, Jul 1, remainder tbc
  • SA Skate: 17 & 18 Jul
  • Club Championships: tbc
  • State Championships: 9 & 10 Oct
  • Spring Cup: currently not available
  • Autumn Cup (SBFSC): 17 & 18 Apr
  • Panda Challenge (SBFSC): 5,6 & 7 Nov
  • SAISA AGM: 31 May 2021
  • ISA AGM: 29 May 2021
  • Nationals: tbc


  • ISA Australian Figure Skating Competition 2021 - Online Event - Announcement and forms here
  • SA State Championsips 2021: Results are confirmed. See Scores here
  • Rule Refresher: Ice Arena Figure Skating Etiquette & Safety Rules here on the SAISA Policies page and also download here
  • SAISA endorses these best practice rules and asks the figure skating community to abide by the rules and in doing so promote safety and well-being in all of its forms at all times
  • Sharing the ice in a figure skating session: Excellent advice about sharing the ice in a figure skating session from @chiquitalimer

  • Membership renewals are now due : late fees start from 1 April (for renewals only)
    Membership form here

    Member list here
  • Test Application form 2021 here

Good Luck Wishes 


Well done! Skaters, coaches and officials who took part in the first  ISA Online National Competition on 3 December 2020 at the IceArena. Vidoes of the performances are currently being assessed by judging panels.

Congratulations new Honorary Life Members: Nicola Reese and Moira Henningsen were elected to Honorary Life Membership of the South Australian Ice Skating Association (SAISA) at the SAISA AGM of 2020 (December 7 2020) in recognition of their lengthy and valuable service to the sport of figure skating

Gold Medalists!: Adelaide Ice Magic's Advanced Adult Team won 2 gold medals at the Porter Classic, Ann Arbor, Michigan USA, Dec 5 - 6 2020. They won gold in the Travelling Circle and gold in the Rotating Wheel in the Best of Elements divisions.
This year the Porter Classic was run as a virtual event (the first of its kind for Synchro) with video footage of competitors submitted online and subsequently judged by panels which included international officials. 90 teams from 8 countries competed,

Congratulations coaches Bernadette Mercurio and Ashley Colliver. Congratulations skaters: Sarah Chapman, Madison Dempsey, Bianca Martin, Jessinta Martin, Lauren Moore, Katrina Norwood, Kayla Nicholson, Tahlia Nimmo, Mikayla Roy

Well done! Preliminary and Elementary skaters who took part in the online competition trial on 17 September 2020 at the IceArena. Videos of the performances were sent to ISA and assessed by appointed judging panels via Zoom meetings. Thank you skaters and coaches and SA judges and officials Tara O'Connor, Elizabeth Henningsen and Reina O'Connor

Well Done! James Min and coach George Galanis. James did well the Short Program and qualified for the Free Skate finishing 19th place overall at ISU Four Continents Figure Skating Championships in Seoul, Korea 4 - 9 Feb

Well Done!  India Nette & Eron Westwood SA's Senior Ice Dance couple at the Egna Dance Trophy in Egna, Italy 7 - 9 Feb, 13th place  

Gold Medalists! Adelaide Ice Magic Adult  Team win first place in Adult Division at the Hevelius Cup, Gdansk, Poland, 18 - 19 Jan 2020 along with Gold Medalists! Adult Ice Magic Junior B Team in the Junior B Division. Well Done! 

Well Done!  Tara O'Connor First International judging assignments at Hevelius Cup 2020, Gdansk Poland 18 - 19 Jan and Challenger Series: Leon Lurje Trophy, Goteborg Sweden 24 - 26 Jan.

Gold Medalist! Ash Stuart wins first place in Adult Silver Men 1 Division at the Winter World Masters Games in Innsbruck, Austria  10 - 19 Jan 2020

Gold Medalist! Angela Schuurmans wins first place in Gold Ladies 3 Division at the Winter World Masters Games in Innsbruck, Austria  10 - 19 Jan 2020

9th Place at International Competition! Sophie Storey in Basic Novice Girls at EduSport Trophy 2020,  Otopeni, Romania 8 - 12 January
Sophie pictured with coach Teresa Sinclair


Great skating SA skaters at the Australian Figure Skating Championships 2019:
(TES scores here)

Eron Westwood & India Nette (Senior Ice Dance), Ashley Colliver (Senior Ladies), James Min (Senior Men)
Synchronized Skating Divisions:
Basic Novice: Adelaide Ice Magic Basic Novice Team (3rd Place) - Bronze Medalists!

Advanced Adult: Adelaide Ice Magic Advanced Adult Team (1st Place) - Australian Champions!

AIM Basic Novice & Advanced Adult Teams
Mixed Age: Adelaide Ice Magic Mixed Age Team (1st Place) - Australian Champions!

AIM ​Mixed Age team
Junior: Adelaide Ice Magic Junior Team (3rd Place) - Bronze Medalists!
Singles Skating Divisions:
Basic Novice Ladies: Ciana Tang-Edwards (8th Place), Sophie Storey (17th), Alyssa Kelly (22nd), Hope Rowe (24th), Kate Ying Thomson (27th)
Basic Novice Men: James Lin (3rd Place) - Bronze Medalist!, Masato Rafinian (6th Place)
Intermediate Novice Ladies: Breeanna Smolski (20th Place), Desiree Williams (22nd Place), Sophia Lewis (23rd Place)
Intermediate Ladies: Laura McArthur (11th Place), Rebecca McGlashan (18th Place), Madison Dempsey (19th Place)
Advanced Novice Ladies: Meg Rafinian (11th Place)
Junior Ladies: Meg Rafinian (18th Place)
Junior Men: Andy Yao (4th Place)
Senior Ladies: Ashley Colliver (3rd Place) - Bronze Medalist!, Arielle Jennings (6th Place)
Senior Men: James Min (2nd Place) - Silver Medaist!
Pairs Skating Divisions:
Basic Novice Pairs: Iyla Wilson & Lucas Giveen Gomes De Reis (1st Place) - 
Australian Champions!
Junior Pairs: Campbell Young & Tremayne Bevan (1st Place) - Australian Champions!
Ice Dance Divisions:
Senior Dance: India Nette & Eron Westwood (4th Place)
Adult Divisions:
Silver Ladies (18-35): Sophie Messent (10th Place)
SIlver Ladies (36+): Jahmeil Wilson (1st Place) - 
Australian Champion!
Gold Ladies (18-29): Richelle Perrin (3rd Place) - Bronze Medalist!, Katrina Norwood (4th Place)
Gold Ladies (29+): Angela Schuurmans (1st PLace) - 
Australian Champion!, Jane Kahlbaum (3rd Place) -  Bronze Medalist!
Master Ladies: Lauren Moore (1st Place) - Australian Champion!

Well Done!
James Min, Ashley Colliver, Ciana Tang-Edwards at the Asian Open Figure Skating Trophy, 30 Oct - 3 Nov 2019
Ciana Tang-Edwards 
winner of the 2019 Abram Family Cup awarded at the State Championships
Ciana with Abram family member Clare Kirby

Ashley Colliver
 winner of the 2019 Dejan Jovanovic Memorial Trophy presented at the State Championships

Well Done! to Andy Yao at the ISU Junior Grand Prix in Chelyabinsk, Russia 11-14 Sep 2019
at his first JGP competition

click on image to read article

Advertiser Adelaide
Congratulations Adelaide Ice Magic at the Sydney Synchro Festival Aug 31 & Sep 1
2nd Place

Congratulations SA's first ISU accredited judge:
Tara O'Connor passed the ISU Synchronized Skating exam for International Judge held in Frankfurt July 2019

Great seminar! Monday 10 June 2019 "Skills & Performance" moderated by Sean Abram
Thank you Sean and Melina. Well done skaters!

Good work at the Core class!
Thank you Essential Talent

Congratulations!: Disney On Ice Pre-Show cast and crew. Excellent show 9 June 2019.
Thank you choreographer Sean Abram and Melina for creating a great show.
Thank you DOI and Feld Entertainment for the opportunity and Chelsea Skene for liaising with everyone and thank you volunteers for your assistance

Congratulations! at ISU Oberstdorf International Adult Figure Skating Competition 19-25 May
Angela Schuurmans, 2nd in Silver Ladies Free Skating, 1st in Silver Ladies Artistic Free Skating

Well done! at Oceania International Interclub competitin in Melbourne 15-19 May:
Alyssa Kelly (1st place), Ava Burns (2nd Place), Kate Ying Thomson (3rd Place) in Cubs Ladies

Well done! At 2019 Autumn Cup Canberra:

Lilly Green (1st Place), Holly Green (2nd Place), Ava Burns (1st Place), Sophie Storey (3rd Place), Henry Green (1st Place)
Coach Bernadette Mercurio


Thank you! to our friendly SAISA skaters, volunteers and the IceArenA for hosting cast members and special guests at the Disney on Ice Meet & Greet Event at the IceArenA

Well Done! Arielle Jennings competed in 3 International Competitions in 2019:
5-10 Feb, Bavarian Open Oberstdorf, Germany (20th place)
22-24 Feb, Tallink Hotels Cup, Tallinn, Estonia (12th place)
25Feb - 3 Mar, Cup of Tyrol, Innsbruck, Austria (18th place)

Juna Cup 2019, Estonia, 19 - 20 Jan
Well done! Adult skaters and their coaches 
(Coach Bernadette Mercurio, Lauren Moore, Katrina Norwood, Bianca Martin, Natasha Colliver, coach Teresa Sinclair; not shown, Madison Murray)
Juna Cup website

Mentor Torun Cup 2019, Poland, 8 - 12 Jan
Well Done! Senior Dance couple India Nette and Eron Westwood
Results page

National Championships 2018

State Championships 2018

Abram Family Cup 2018

Dejan Jovanovic Memorial Tropy 2018

Crystal Challenge 2018

Oceania International 2018 Coaches Seminar May 19 & 20, Melbourne
Presented by Brian Orser:
SA coaches attending are: Stephanie, Deb, Tremayne, Richard, Joda & Melissa

Oceania International Novice Competition, 16-20 May 2018, Melbourne

Andy Yao, Basic Novice A Men, 1st Place
Jasmine Nelson, Basic Novice B Ladies, 5th Place
Abby Sims, Basic Novice B Ladies, 15th Place


Oceania Interclub International Competition, 16.20 May 2018, Melbourne

Ciana Tang-Edwards, Cubs-Girls, 3rd Place
James Lin, Cubs-Boys, 3rd Place
Jasper Cusack, Cubs-Boys, 4th Place
Masato Rafinian, Cubs-Boys, 5th Place


Autumn Cup ACT 11 - 12 May 2018

Henry Green, Preliminary Men, 1st Place
Kate Ying Thomson, Preliminary Ladies, 4th Place

National Championships Dec 2017 Brisbane

Andy Yao, Basic Novice B Men Australian Champion

Kaitlyn Ineson & Tremayne Bevan, Junior Pairs Australian Champions

Angela Schuurmans, Adult Silver Ladies 36+ Australian Champion

Adelaide Ice Magic Mixed Age Team, Mixed Age Synchronized Australian Champions

Giuseppe Triulcio, Junior Men Silver Medalist

Lauren Moore, Adult Master Ladies Silver Medalist

Adelaide Ice Magic Basic Novice Team, Basic Novice Synchronized Silver Medalists

Mixed Company Syncchronized Team, Adult Basic Synchronized Bronze Medalists

State Championships Oct 2017

Kiana Castro, winner of the Abram Family Cup , presented by the Abram family 


Adelaide Ice Magic Mixed Age Synchronized Team, winner of the  
Dejan Jovanovic Trophy,
presented by Dejan's family 

ISU Challenger Series, Lombardia Trophy Sep 2017

James Min, 18th Senior Men

Junior Grand Prix of Figure Skating, Minsk, Belarus, Sep 2017

James Min, 16th Place Junior Men

Junior Grand Prix of Figure Skating, Brisbane, Aug 2017

James Min, 9th Junior Men

Giuseppe Triulcio, 13th Junior Men


Asian Open Figure Skating Trophy Aug 2017

Isabelle Mason, 4th Basic Novice B Girls

Giuseppe Triulcio, 6th Junior Men

James Min, 7th Senior Men 

Sydney Synchro Festival Sep 2017 Penrith NSW

Adelaide Ice Magic Basic Novice Team
, Silver Medalists Basic Novice Synchronized

Adelaide Ice Magic Mixed Age, Gold Medalists Mixed Age Sycnchronized

Crystal Challenge Aug 2017 O'Brien Group Arena, Melbourne

Congratulations to the 25 skaters from SA who competed! 

SA Skate 2017 July 2017 IceArenA Adelaide

Well Done Skaters!

Disney on Ice Pre-Show 10 Jun 2017 Entertainment Centre Adelaide

Congratulations Disney on Ice Pre-Show cast! 
Excellent skating, thank you skaters.
Excellent choreography, thank you Mr Sean Abram.
Excellent organising, thank you Chelsea Skene.
Excellent opportunity, thank you Sue Hill and Feld Entertainment. 



Adult International Competition, May 2017 Oberstdorf Germany

Stephanie Huot, 9th Place in Silver Ladies Technical and 11th Place in Artistic

World Junior Figure Skating Championships March 2017 Taipei City Taipei

James Min, 29th Place Junior Men

Mozart Cup Jan 2017 Salzburg Austria

Adelaide Ice Magic Mixed Age Team, 18th Place Mixed Age Synchronized 

Link to You Tube video here     


FBMA Trophy Abu Dhabi UAE Jan 2017
Ashley Colliver, 5th Place Junior Ladies 


Mentor Torun Cup, Poland Jan 2017

Ashley Colliver, 23rd Junior Ladies

Junior Hockey fundraiser Dec 2016

Well Done Kiana Castro, invited to perform her skating program at the Junior Hockey fundraiser, she also won the AFL Footy Challenge segment and performed extremely well in skating skills challenges against the hockey players! Dec 2016


Christmas Spectacular, Phnom Phen 2016

Guest Star
. James Min, 2016 Australian Junior Men Champion and Australian Senior Men Silver Medalist will be the featured skater at Ice Park Christmas Spectacular in Phnom Phen, Cambodia, 24-25 Dec 2016

International Ice Dance Competitions

Congratulations India Nette (SA) and Patrick Adderley (NSW); they competed in Senior Dance at the 2016 Volvo Open Cup (Riga) and then at the Ice Star (Minsk, Belarus) recently each time achieving a personal best. Well Done!