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About Volunteering

SAISA is committed to the development of its volunteers. All SAISA board members and officials are volunteers. All the judges and other specialists and assistants you see on the judging panels are volunteers. Volunteers are given the opportunity for further development and training which may include attending Office for Recreation seminars and courses and SportSA events and are supported with grant applicaitons. Judges and competition officials have the oppportunity to train and officiate at events in South Australia and interstate. Board and committee members are encouraged to take part in governance seminars when available. 

Take a look at how many volunteers are needed to run a competition such as State Championships (below).

Several of the volunteers were able to apply their hours volunteering to credits for SACE, pensions or professional accreditation.

If you would like to volunteer please contact your club or SAISA.

Thank you! to all the volunteers who helped to produce the 2016 State Championships and Spring Cup.
Competition Convener: Reina O'Connor 
Announcement: SAISA Board
Judging Panel Convener: Tara O'Connor 
Volunteer Convener: Moira Henningsen
State Jackets: Moira Henningsen
Music Collection and Preparation: Nicole Symons, Deb Barrett  
IJS (International Judging System) Preparation: Reina O'Connor
Schedules:Tara O'Connor, Reina O'Connor
Program, Certificates, Medal admin: Reina O'Connor
Draw: Reina O'Connor, Stephanie Huot, Amy Perugini, Carli Stasinopoulos, Desiree Williams
Registration Desk:  Rosa Triulcio, Angelica Triulcio, Marina Triulcio, Giuseppe Triulcio, Kiana Castro, Laura McArthur, Tremayne Bevan
DJ Booth, Official Practices: Janine Colliver, Nicole Symons
DJ Booth, Competition Music: Rachael Dempsey, Alessandra Triulcio, Lynn O'Reilly, Phoebe Tang
DJ Booth, Competition Announcing: Sue Sims, Lesley McCauley, Odette Harkins, Roslyn Farley
DJ Booth Assistantance, Official Practice and Competition: G G, Grace Harkins
Ice Marshall: Jane Kahlbaum, Michael Swan, James Min
Locker Room Allocations: Deb Barrett, Robi Chalmers
Medal Table: Rosa Triulcio, Malou Van Zanten, Ashley Butters, Phoebe Tang, Ciana Tang-Edwards
Hospitality for judges and volunteers: Sophie Messent, Phoebe Tang ,Ciana Tang-Edwards, Charlotte Farley
Catering: Reina O'Connor, Toni Newbery, Greta Messent
Judging area set up/take down: Toni Newbery, Nicola Reese, Mony Min, Chelsea Skene, Janine Colliver, Nicole Symons
Presentations Sat and Sun am, Sat pm: Judging Panel members, Rhianon Reese
Presentations Aussie Skate (Sun pm): Giuseppe Triulcio, Tremayne Bevan, Kiana Castro, Laura McArthur
Presentations: Announcing: Rhianon Reese, Roslyn Farley, Odette Harkins
VIP: Abram Family Cup: Lisa Hester
Hospitality for Lisa: Sophie Messent
VIP: Dejan Jovanovic Trophy: Dejana Jovanovic-Shaban
Hospitality for Dejana: Nicola Reese, Giuseppe Triulcio
Judging Panel (accreditation as at 2016:
Technical Controller: Tara O'Connor (SA) (National TC Sync, National TC Singles (Nov), National Senior Judge Singles and Sync, Natl Novice Judge Pairs, State Championship Judge Dance) 
Technical Specialist: Sharon Gaylard (QLD) (International TS Singles, National TS Pairs);  Chelsea Skene (SA) (National TS Sync, State TS Singles) 
Referee and Judge: Natalie Taylor (NSW) (International Judge Singles & Dance, National Referee Pairs, National Senior Judge Sync)

Judge: Ruzena Baranikova (SA) (National Senior Judge Singles, National Pairs Judge (Jun), State Championship Referee Sync, Judge Dance)
Judge: Toni Newbery (SA) (Senior State Championship Judge Singles & Sync, State Championship Judge Pairs and Dance)

Judge & Trainee:  Janine Colliver (SA) (State Judge Singles (Preliminary))
Judge & Trainee: Nicole Symons (SA) (State Judge Singles (Preliminary))
Judge & Trainee: Ashley Colliver (SA) (State Judge Singles (Preliminary))
Technical Specialist Pre-training/observer: Rhianon Reese
Data Operator: Nicola Reese (SA) (National Data Operator Singles and Sync, State Data Operator Dance and Pairs)

IJS Accounting Assistants: Ashley Butters, Julia Double, Bobbi Nette
IJS Support: Reina O'Connor
Initial Judges Meeting: Natalie Taylor
Round Table Discussions: Judging Panel
Feedback Sessions for skaters and coaches: Tara O'Connor, Natalie Taylor, Sharon Gaylard, Chelsea Skene

Richard Laidlaw
Robi Chalmers
Bernadette Mercurio
Teresa Sinclair
Deb Barrett
Melissa Tyson
Rhianon Reese
Stephanie Huot
Joda Walter
Venue Preparation and Service: IceArenA Staff
State Championships Sponsor: SA Ice Sports Federation
SAISA Support:  State Government of South Australia