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Test Dates


Test Dates 2020
These dates are all Thursdays and early morning, usually commencing at 6:00am. The dates are selected to be 28 days apart to allow repeats, if needed, at the next Test session (see 28 day Rule below). Consideration was also given to enabling skaters to qualify prior to a competition although it is not possible to meet all competition entry deadlines at the last minute. Planning ahead is recommended.

Please note that the dates may need to be changed from time to time to meet the requirements of the rink and the availabllity of judges on the days listed

February 20 closing Feb 8 (extended entry period)
March 19 closing Feb 27
April 16
 closing Mar 26
May 14 closing Apr 23
June 11 closing May 21
July 9 closing Jun 18
August 6 closing Jul 16
September 3 closing Aug 13

Further Tests will be arranged on request