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Technical Rules

Listed below are the current Rules and help sheets for singles, pairs, dance and synchronized skating. Also included is help for Aussie Skate and Artisitc events.The help sheets can assist judges and the technical panel officials as well as coaches and skaters preparing their current seasons skating programs.

The overarching Rules of figure skating are set by the International Skating Union (ISU).

Australia, through Ice Skating Australia (ISA) is a member of the ISU and follows these Rules. Any further Australian requirements are found in the Ice Skating Australia (ISA) Constitution and Rule Book.

ISA Rule Book and Constitution (contains Rules for Tests, Interstate Competitions, Championships, Judging, Skating disciplines of singles, pairs, dance, Adult, synchro)

ISA Communications (includes announcements and policies)

ISA Technical Regulations Communications (includes clarifications of current season's skating Rules for Australian competitions and Tests)

ISA Technical Pattern Skills (the new Technical Patterns Skills Test papers and diagrams of the patterns)

Recent Updates:
ISU Communication 1854 Decisions of the Council

ISU Communication 1857 Ice Dance Tech Rules 2014-15
ISU Communication 1861 Singles & Pairs, Levels of Difficulty 2014-15
ISU Communication 1868 Scale of Values 2014-15
ISU Communication 1873 Synchro - Difficulty Groups
ISU Communication 1874 Changes Accepted by the Congress of 2014
ISU Communication 1875 Changes Ice Dance
ISU Communication 1876 Decisions of Council after Congress 2014




ISU Communication 1817 has been published re Interruptions - Amendment to the Special Regulation Single & Pair Skating/Ice Dance. See ISU website,11065,4844-128590-129898-19296-68634-custom-item,00.html


Technical Panel Handbook - Singles 2013-2014 (Final after Frankfurt: Singles SP & FS: Element Rules, level features, clarifications, spin positions,elements with no or max level.)

Technical Panel Handbook - Pairs 2013-2014 (Final after Frankfurt: Pairs Sp & FS: Element Rules, level features, clarifications, elements with no or max level. )

Factors and Falls Singles-Pairs-Dance 2013 -2014 (Table of Program Component Factors, Fall Deductions, IJS level and IJS Verification)

Abbreviations (For use with International Judging System (IJS))

Deductions Singles & Pairs still current 2013 (Table of Deductions and panel official responsible)

Program Components Singles & Pairs 2013-2014 (Table of Program Components to be judged at each singles or pairs level)

Program Component Explanation

Singles Elements SP 2013-2014 (Table of requirements for singles short program)

Singles Elements FS 2013-2014 (Table of requirements for free skating program)

Pairs Elements SP 2013-2014 (Table of requirements for pairs short program)

Pairs Elements FS 2013-2014 (Table of requirements for pairs free skating program)

Dance Elements PD 2013-2014 (Table of requirements for Pattern Dance)

Dance Elements FD 2013-2014 (Table of requirements for Free Dance)

Pattern Dances for the 2012 - 2013 Season


SyS 2012 -2013 SP Elements (Requirements of the Short Program in table form)

SyS 2012 -2013 FS Elements (Requirements of the Free Skating Program in table form)

SyS GOE guidelines 2013-2014 (ISU Communication 1820 with Grades of Execution used by judges)

SyS Clarifications, SOV, Elements 2013-2014 (ISU Communication 1819: includes clarifications and descriptions of elements and calling requirements, Scale of Values (SOV), abbreviations)

SyS summary of calls Novice 2013 -2014 (Technical Handbook - First Aid 2013-2014. Novice Free Skating Synchronized Skating)

SyS summary of calls SP 2013 -2014 (Technical Handbook - Short Program, Synchronized Skating)

SyS summary of calls FS 2013 -2014 (Technical Handbook - First Aid 2013-2014. Novice Free Skating Synchronized Skating)

SyS summary of calls Features 2013 -2014 (Technical Handbook - Features, Synchronized Skating)

SyS Summary of Calls - Additional Features 2013-2014 (Technical Handbook - Additional Features, Synchronized Skating)

SyS Technical Requirements Season 2103-2014 (ISU Communication 1798: Includes difficulty groups of elements and features)

SyS Well Balanced Program Content 2013 -2014 (ISU Communication 1759)

SyS Questions & Answers 2013 : Records of Clarifications from ISU Sports Directorate and SyS TC


Guidelines for judging Artistic competitions



Aussie Skate judging papers for singles and pairs
Synchro: email SAISA